ZG BlogI’m Zovig.  I’m a searcher, I ask questions, I get fired up, I have deep thoughts, I am an empath. I have lived in New York for nearly 17 years and in March 2018, I’ll be relocating to Seattle. I have spent my entire career in media, marketing and now learning and development, still within the media space.  And, I teach yoga.

This blog started as a place to share the progression of my health (when I discovered I had Graves’ and Hyperthyroidism) and what discoveries I made along that path. It’s since morphed into writing about being a woman, living in major cities like NYC and (soon) Seattle, being a professional with creative pursuits, and how it has taken nearly 40 years to truly feel at home in my body and get closer to my truest self.

I put all of that into everything I do and I want to write about it because I know without question that when I share myself with others, the connections that result are unique, meaningful and long-lasting.

Photo by Ben Lazar Photography